Super Easy Visualizations and Dashboards

Examine data from different angles and get the "Aha moment!" It is like watching a grainy picture of your business come into focus

100% Browser based. Install On Premise. OEM License available.

Integrated with Hadoop Platforms and SQL Databases.

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InfoCaptor is an extremely competent product, capable of addressing many BI, data visualisation and analytics needs at a very modest price. Deployment can either be in-house or on the web, and in either case the interface is browser based. This is a pragmatic, 'get-the-job-done' solution without the surface gloss and high prices charged by other suppliers.
Martin Butler, Butler Analytics

How is InfoCaptor unique and different

InfoCaptor is simply a web based application that works on every platform [windows, linux/unix or Mac].

Your organization does not need to install any desktop licenses. The application has built in login/authentication system that integrates with your LDAP. All activity including analysing data, development of charts and publishing of the dashboard occur within the browser based interface.

Compared to other vendors, InfoCaptor is extremely affordable. It comes with built in prototyping engine for creating dashboard mockups

InfoCaptor Visual Analyzer enables you to rapidly browse datasets and spin it across variety of visualizations

No SQL knowledge necessary. No Technical skills needed.

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Wow, This tool has amazing capabilities!

This tool has amazing capabilities and can analyze from simple spreadsheets to complex data sources with ease and that too in your browser. I can stitch several spreadsheets with ease by just copy pasting the required elements and analyze further.Visualizations are amazing. Great product for non enterprise users too! Parag Khadye - BI Manager at Accenture

InfoCaptor is a very good Dashboard Software, you should try it!!

Whether you are looking to create simple excel dashboard or web based executive Dashboard or you are simply looking for free style data visualizations, InfoCaptor does it all in an extremely easy and visually interactive way.

Has InfoCaptor Convinced you?

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